Professional Services

Defining ROI to Renew KM Strategy in Professional Services

This ‘Big 5’ firm was several years into their KM strategy implementation and the partners were looking for results. We assessed  and quantified the ROI of their centralized knowledge service efforts. Concurrently, we created awareness among the firm’s partners about new possibilities for breakthrough business performance from leading KM practices. We rounded out our assessment with a set of recommended actions, which management implemented.

The bottom line: the question of value of KM came off the leadership agenda and was replaced by demand for enhanced knowledge services and business ownership for KM.

Leveraging Cross-Business Knowledge to Drive Growth in Human Capital Services

We built on the initial KM efforts of this professional services firm to renew their KM strategy and developed an implementation plan to enable a shift from their domestic market to a global focus and support their new growth strategy. The plan included practical KM methods to accelerate their marketing efforts by tapping customer knowledge, and leveraging new social media to attract and retain new hire consultants.

The bottom line: leveraging the organizations collective experience across Lines of Service is now recognized as a key business lever to meet their growth aspirations.