KM Coaching & Advice

Sometimes an organization just needs some coaching to help take their first or next step in KM. We are often called in on very short, sharp assignments lasting from 2 to 5 days to listen and advise (in that order!) both new and seasoned KM leaders on key strategic or operational decisions.

We are often contracted to perform as an organization’s trusted KM advisor. These relationships typically involve periodic engagements with internal KM and learning functions, and the organizations senior leaders. Regardless of the nature of the engagement, clients benefit from our deep, hands-on experience in KM start-up to renewal in both public and private sector organizations.

Here are some areas of advice frequently requested by our clients:
  • Business Case for KM & ROI
  • KM Leadership, Organization & Structure
  • KM Roles & Competencies
  • KM Renewal
  • Business Culture & Change Management
  • Application of Social Media to Knowledge Transfer
  • Multi-Generational Knowledge Transfer
  • KM Best Practices & Organizations
  • Trends in KM

Contact us to learn how we can provide you with fit for purpose coaching and advise in KM and collaborative learning.