Health Care

Enhancing capital investment for long-term health care

The operations administration department of a non-profit Health Care company used a Peer Assist  to quickly and dramatically improve their development and submission of a capital plan to their budget holders. This approach enabled them to tap the experience of a diverse group of peers from across their regional parent organization and revise their plan in a manner that addressed the latest shifts in the long term care needs of patients, while taking into account the ‘hot buttons’ of the decision-makers.

This not only impacted the organization that requested the Peer Assist, but also the ‘visiting peers’ that participated: “Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity to work together last week. I really applaud your willingness to hear new ideas and your dedicated commitment to the people you serve. Kent, you did a great job facilitating and taught us a new appreciation for the power of coming together to harness our collective knowledge to fulfill our mission. It was an enlightening two days for me and I am very grateful for the experience”.

The bottom line: a revised capital plan that met the needs of the customers, providers and budget holders.