Can you access the collective wisdom of your organization?

Been telling your customers they have access to all of the know-how and experience of your entire enterprise? Who loses when they discover you can’t deliver on this promise?

It probably won’t be due to your lack of trying. Tapping the collective experience of any organization is hard to do. Especially when people are busy working on multiple tasks in different locations, and may even come from different cultures.

To make it even more challenging, today’s workforce is very mobile and people are learning and gaining new experience everyday. So even if you know ‘who knows what’ today, tomorrow is another story.

Assessment & Development

The key to delivering on this promise is to align your Knowledge Management (KM) efforts with both your business strategy and current operational needs. In this way, your investment will deliver results in the short term while building sustainable capability for the long term.

Greenes Consulting has performed KM assessments and developed strategies for 30 organizations over the last 15 years. We have an incredible track record in designing & implementing KM projects that result in tangible business improvement, while developing competencies that make them self-sufficient.

Getting Started

KM is a still a relatively new discipline. Many organizations need help to understand what’s in it for them and how to get started. We excel in engaging stakeholders and exciting them in the business possibilities of KM. Our extensive portfolio of clients and experience in the field enables us to provide highly relevant examples and demonstrations, which often include an organizations competitor’s use of KM.

Once you’ve got some attention, we can help you take simple steps to deliver quick wins while building a sustainable foundation of knowledge sharing and transfer processes, technologies and behaviors.

The Business Case

Getting people excited about KM is a necessary first step. But getting them to invest is another story. Our experience across a broad range of public and private sector clients and track record of delivering business results enables us to quickly develop your
business case for KM investment.

Building Capability

In our experience, KM is not something that can be done to organizations. People have to experience sharing, harvesting and transferring knowledge themselves to find out what works best for their unique organizational culture.

As external consultants, our job is to introduce, assist, facilitate and help adapt proven KM concepts and practices to fit each unique customer. We also believe in developing the internal competency needed for the organization to grow and sustain KM themselves. To this end, we offer KM training modules, guides and on-the-job coaching approaches to build internal capability while delivering tangible results. Our materials are continuously enhanced and honed through application across our diverse base of clients and through the graduate degree KM courses we teach at universities.

We take a co-development approach with our clients that starts with proven practices and extensive experience and evolves into distinctive strategy based on what we learn works and doesn’t for each organization. We apply our own fast learning practices on every KM job to accelerate adaptation and ensure results. We are always successful because we are continuously listening and learning from our customers first hand. And, the application of KM practices as part of the way we work is another way of internalizing the power of organizational learning.


If your organization already has an established KM program, then it might be time for renewal. New ways of working across the value chain with your partners, suppliers and customers, globalization, and new technologies such as social media are impacting all of us. Changes in your business needs and customer priorities should drive changes in the way you manage your knowledge and experience.

We’ve been practicing KM for 15 years and have directly experienced the demand for change. Clients turn to us to keep pace with evolving business needs and to change their competitive playing field.

Coaching & Advice

Whether you’re ready to jump into a KM commitment with both feet, or just want to test the water, we have the practical experience to help you be successful.

Many of our clients retain us to provide advice on as-needed basis, or periodically on a quarterly basis. This is a low-cost way of ensuring access to the latest thinking and leading-edge practices in KM. This type of arrangement makes it easy to get KM support just-in-time, and clients are charged only for the work performed. Coaching business leaders and internal KM Teams are sought after services that are efficiently provided in this manner.

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