Aerospace & Defense

The Aerospace and Defense industries share similar KM needs and challenges.  They continue to rely on repeatable processes to deliver products and services to meet high standards and provide consistency in customer experience. Whether you need to accelerate error-free production on the line in the manufacturing of a new missile system, or need to more quickly pass on critical lessons learned from a recent convoy operation, KM is a key lever for improving performance.

In particular, these industries and institutions are challenged with a high risk to performance due to knowledge loss associated with the demographics that make up their workforce. KM has a major role to play to minimize the loss of critical knowledge in these organizations.

And, if this isn't enough of a challenge,  these institutions are being called upon to perform new tasks and missions they can't possibly be trained for. In these cases, KM may be one  the only enablers to help  teams and networks learn at the speed of change

We have worked with Northrop Grumman, BAE Systems, the US Army & Navy, and the Defense Intelligence agency to address these challenges. Check out  these success stories to see how we helped others in your industry leverage their collective knowledge for improved performance:

Aerospace stories

  • Making learning fast & routine in engineering operations
  • Building knowledge leadership capabilities in senior management

Defense & Intelligence stories

  • Unleashing the power of Communities of Practice in the US Army…
  • Making knowledge harvesting & retention routine in Communication Services
  • Creating a new approach to ‘Lessons Learned’ for Intelligence Agencies