Public Sector

The practices of KM and collaborative learning are relevant for any industry or institution.  However, every public or private sector organization has their own unique context and requirements that need to be addressed to maximize the impact of KM.

The public sector has invested a lot in knowledge management. The initial focus was on  re-using lessons learned, best practices and forming knowledge communigties and networks across silos to break down the barriers to knowledge sharing and transfer. These needs still exist. But there are new needs emerging from things such as leveraging knowledge across a 4-generation workforce, reductions in staff and budgets, and demands from government and the public for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Our KM consulting for public clients is geared to address the re-use of knowledge to help teams work better, cheaper and faster, and to enable institutions to learn fast and perform new missions and tasks they have never been trained for.

Our public sector clients include:

U.S. Army       U.S. Navy        NASA        Defense Intelligence Agency

Save the Children      The Conference Board       Providence Health & Services

Alberta Government       Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center


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