Fast Learning & Performing:
Making learning fast & routine in engineering operations

The missile systems group of a large aerospace & defense corporation embedded our Team Learning & Performing techniques into their engineering operations to accelerate their development and production of a new jet fighter. Teams on and off ‘the line’ used Peer Assists, Action Reviews and Retrospects to quickly learn before, during and after work tasks to improve their daily results. As part of this project, an internal KM team was trained and coached to provide sustainable support for the broader organization.

The bottom line: Significant costs savings resulted from less rework and re-use of ‘lessons learned’ across the design and productions teams. Based on the results and tangible impact, other business units have adopted the fast learning techniques. As added bonus, routine usage of these tools has helped retain the knowledge of workers that have retired from the organization.

Building Knowledge Leadership Capabilities in Aerospace

We coached the management team of one of the largest business units in a global aerospace company to create demand for sharing and transfer of critical knowledge for improved operational performance. Through the introduction of a simple, but powerful, inquiry method, leaders created attention about the impact of knowledge transfer on the growth of the company and shaped performance through learning as a key driver for out-performing their competition.

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The bottom line: leaders demonstrated the power of ‘learning in public’ to create transparency and break down barriers to knowledge sharing and transfer across their work teams.