Knowledge Leadership

All companies today understand the importance of leveraging the collective knowledge of their customers, employees, partners and suppliers. But ‘hope is not a method’ and the harsh reality is even the most successful efforts to tap and exploit the ‘big brain’ have not been sustainable. Like most things, it comes down to leadership.  It’s clear that much more can be done by the leaders of an organization to facilitate cross-boundary knowledge flow and collaboration to accelerate innovation and drive breakthrough performance. In high performing, knowledge-based companies we refer to this as Knowledge Leadership.

Check out our our presentation on Knowledge Leadership, recently delivered at the 6th Annual US Army Knowledge Management Conference in October, 2010, to get an idea of how we address this key competency issue.

Our first-hand experience as leaders in business first and then KM enables us to provide business leaders and managers with practical actions they can take to:

  • Create attention for cross-business knowledge sharing and collaboration;
  • Align organizational initiatives to ensure they are optimizing precious knowledge resources to meet common goals;
  • Shape highly productive knowledge sharing behavior during performance reviews and high-exposure leadership events; and
  • Personally support key knowledge sharing and collaboration efforts that are highly relevant to their strategic and operational objectives.

Leaders today also need to learn faster from everything they do to stay relevant and ahead of the competition. We’ve helped organizations in industries ranging from Aerospace to the US Army to apply proven practices and tools to develop self-aware, adaptive knowledge leaders to do business and perform missions they cannot be trained for, in markets and on battlefields that are constantly changing.

However, learning from your own experience and that of your team is often not enough to keep pace in today’s global workplace. We can help you establish internal and external Leadership networks and communities of practice to serve as force-multipliers and drive breakthrough performance while developing adaptive leaders.

What makes us unique in our provision of Knowledge Leadership is practical experience and speed of delivery. In our approach, hope is not a method… leaders see results in hours and days.


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