Energy & Utilities

It's no coincidence that many of the early KM initiatives started in the oil and gas industry. Believe it or not, there was a time when the cost to produce a barrel of oil was not much less than the price it sold for. Oil companies had to find a way to  leverage the better practices and lessons learned for reducing costs and increasing production that were spread across operating units world-wide. Those that invested in KM in the early days were rewarded with significant improvements in performance.  And that was before we could 'Google it" to find explicit knowledge on the Internet or in our own organizations!

Today, the Energy & Utilities industries share similar KM needs and challenges.  They continue to rely on repeatable processes to deliver products and services to meet high standards and provide consistency in customer experience. Whether you need to accelerate the start-up of a new retail site in China, or need to more quickly pass on critical lessons learned from a recent power outage, KM is a key lever for improving performance.

Like the public sector, these industries are also challenged with a high risk to performance due to knowledge loss associated with the demographics that make up their workforce. KM has a major role to play to minimize the loss of critical knowledge in these organizations.

And customers today are a bigger part of the value chain than they ever were before. They contribute to the flow of knowledge that drives the performance of every energy and utility company. KM practices that enable and facilitate knowledge networks, fast learning and knowledge transfer across boundaries are critical to their success.

We have worked with many energy and utility companies  to establish, optimize and renew their KM efforts.  Check out  these success stories to see how we helped others in your industry leverage their collective knowledge for improved performance:

Energy & Utilities stories

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  • Establishing Best Practice Transfer across subsidiaries in the Middle East