Military & Intelligence

Unleashing the power of Knowledge Communities in the US Army

We helped coach and advise a core group of Company Commanders develop the Army’s ground-breaking entry into Communities of Practice (CoP). This group paved the way for hundreds of CoPs across the Army institution, which are contributing to major transformation in how the military leverages knowledge and experience across boundaries, space and time.

The bottom line: The Army's communities and professional forums are helping their members win battles and perform new tasks they can’t be trained for. There is no better example of how enabling the fast and frictionless flow of knowledge can impact performance today and in the future.

To learn more, click on the link to check out the book that tells their story: Unleashing the Power of the Army Profession by Nancy Dixon et al.


Making knowledge harvesting and retention routine in Communication Services

We developed and implemented an innovative approach to knowledge capture and immediately embed critical knowledge from the aging workforce in a US Army communications support organization. By training and coaching new hires as ‘knowledge harvesters’, the experience and wisdom of the senior procurement staff and communication engineers was channeled directly to the younger staff that could benefit from their insights on-the-job.

The bottom line: Not only was critical knowledge captured and transferred for the next generation workforce, the new hires acquired a set of KM skills that they would use as leaders of the future.

Creating a New Approach to ‘Lessons Learned’ for Intelligence Agencies

An innovative model of Lessons Learned was developed and introduced to defense intelligence teams to improve deployment operations. Traditional Lessons Learned processes had been deliberate, methodical and time-consuming, thus often several cycles out of date. Accelerated tempo of operations required a more effective way to respond with needed intelligence.

The bottom line: a more holistic and faster approach to lessons learned was delivered, along with training and coaching, providing a new way of accessing relevant knowledge and the latest experience of data collectors and analysts before, during and after deployment in the field.