Professional Services

Professional service firms are all about knowledge. Knowledge management is a required for these organizatioins to compete, let alone create an advantage.

All of the major professional services firms have a significant investment in KM.  For most, it's about harvesting and re-using knowledge in the form of content that consultants, associates and partners can get their hands on to inform their thinking and re-use in client engagements. In many cases, the level and effort of redaction they perform to make their explicit knowledge accessible and re-usable enterprise-wide is so time-consuming or costly that it defeats the purpose.

In other firms, KM is being used more to attract and retain talent and knowledge.  In these companies, social learning and knowledge transfer through conversations and facilitated virtual meetings are enabling the flow of knowledge across traditional boundaries of lines of service, geographies and time.

What all of these firms have in common are smart people with great aspirations and a strong work ethic. Imagine the possibilities when they are enabled by the latest practices for leveraging the collective know-how and experience of their firm, partners and clients.

We have deep experience from working with most of the major professional services firms, both U.S. and global. In fact, we are the trusted KM advisor for one of the largest and most successful firms.


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