Energy & Utilities

Reducing operating costs in deep water offshore Norway

The engineering team of a multi-national oil and gas company held a virtual Peer Assist with drilling engineers from their operations around the world to transfer knowledge about well completions. Within 2 hours, highly relevant knowledge was shared and transferred to the Norway team enabling them to make major changes to their well completions plan.

The bottom line: the Norway business reduced their cement costs by $2,000,000. And, the peers that came together virtually learned so much from each other that they decided to form a community of practice to continue the knowledge exchange and extend their personal networks globally.

Delivering new levels of performance and sustainable capability in a global energy company

We customized our proven KM assessment and strategy development methodology to renew and enhance a global energy company’s previous KM efforts and to embed knowledge sharing and transfer of best practices into the organization’s culture and business processes. Through in-depth discussions with managerial and technical personnel in the field and at international London headquarters, we identified the key areas where use of existing knowledge, best practices, and faster learning on the job could make a significant difference in the business unit’s performance. Following validation of those areas with top management, we drafted an integrated KM implementation plan that targeted the greatest short-term impact and long-term value. Pilot projects were executed that not only delivered substantial returns on their initial investments, but were also used to train and develop internal staff in KM competencies. Based on the learning and results from the pilot projects, we refined their KM strategic plan and helped put in place a governance model, communication plans, KM global implementation and roll-out plans, and KM architecture and infrastructure plans.

The bottom line: operational best practices were embedded into business unit’s operations and resulted in $2,000,000 of cost savings and increased production.

Establishing Best Practice Transfer Across a Middle East Energy Corporation

A highly successful grassroots effort to internalize the sharing and transfer of best practices across multiple subsidiaries was designed and implemented in 4 months. Several best practices were transferred in the short term that resulted in quantifiable performance improvements that demonstrated the value of the investment and enabled customization of a proven methodology for best practice transfer. Training of an internal team of 10 people and engagement of senior stakeholders from across the corporation established a foundation of best practices that lives on to this day.

The bottom line: a new way of working across silos and cultures has broken down traditional barriers to leveraging their collective experience. This is enabling the enterprise to more effectively compete in the global energy marketplace.